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10 Years of 709Sessions and more…

10 Years?

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. After 120 monthly episodes (never missing one!) my 709Sessions radio show has now reached the 10 year mark. It hasn’t been easy getting there and there have been many times that I’ve been tempted to pull the plug, but thanks to the many of you out there who have supported it – some just recently and some since the beginning – it’s still going very strong!

Thank you so much again for the time taken to listen to all the mixes and sending those messages once in awhile – they encourage me to keep going for a lot longer!

Blusoul – Fields of Glass (Wes Straub Remix) – Modern Agenda

A new remix I cooked up back in the winter for the great Greek producer Blusoul is now out on Amber Long and Robert Mason’s “Modern Agenda” label. Overall it’s received some decent feedback and I’m happy with the way it turned out, and am looking forward to doing more in the future for those aforementioned Canadians that are pretty cool to be friends with. You can pick up the remix and as well as the fantastic original and two other remixes here.

Two New Originals Coming Soon to Modern Agenda

Along with the “Fields of Glass” remix, I have two new originals coming out on Modern Agenda sometime in early 2018. Not really new from my end of things as I finished one in late 2016, and the other took about two years to finally close off, but nonetheless, things have come together in the form of a release after all this time. Again, thanks to Amber and Rob for supporting my music.

A New Production Direction?

Although I have some new music coming out, to be quite honest, it’s been a tough ride production-wise over the past year. Between a hectic work schedule, many personal things coming and going, and drifting motivation, it’s been really difficult to max out the creative time.

There was a little momentum going in the summer when I finished off another set of originals, which at the time I thought were going to be winners for a label I’ve released on a number of times before (JOOF), however, I received some crushing feedback that all that work would not be taken on in the form of a release for them.

The feedback was harsh, blunt and very direct, and from the top of the chain, and as much as I value honesty, bluntness and directness in anything I do, it definitely still stung… a lot. Some words, however good for you they are, you just don’t want to hear after putting 40+ hours each into two tracks.

But in the end I know it came from the heart and from the perspective of trying to help, and I am blessed to have the ears of one of the legends in electronic music, those of John 00 Fleming. He probably will never read this, but if I ever needed any motivation to dive and get truly creative (when I’m ready to do so), it will be because your words.

So on the production front, I’m excited to push into a new direction. I’ve always loved the downtempo space (80-100bpm), so why not give it a try. We’ll see what happens.

More soon (well, maybe soon, maybe later…). To everyone out there, thanks again for your ongoing support. Love you all.

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