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150 – The Last Episode…

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. I’ve come to the decision that Episode 150 of my radio show, in just over a year from now, will be my last monthly radio show. After twelve and a half years, and a lot of internal debate, I have decided that it is time.

Why now? A combination of things has led to this decision. The world of electronic music has changed greatly over the years. When I first started 709Sessions, the landscape of streaming music was vastly different, and having a dedicated radio show was a pretty big deal. In the pre-social media era, the radio show was one of the only ways to reach new audiences, so it was an essential component of being an aspiring DJ.

However, over the years, with the emergence of social media and streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, combined with the technology that allows you to do a perfect mix literally from a stool at a coffee shop, the importance of an online mix / radio show has become much less, and now the focus is more on the artist or producer. Everyone can, and is a DJ these days, and a producer to a lesser extent.

And, having just turned 41, my energy for DJ’ing has a whole has lessened greatly – something that was bound to happen with time. I still love playing, especially those special gigs, but the desire to push and hustle is just not there anymore, and I’m more than happy to spend more time simply experimenting and tinkering in the studio.

So, let the countdown begin. I’m not sure what kind of send-off I’ll plan for Episode 150 yet – whether it’s going out with a bang, or a simply letting it fade into the sunset. Stay tuned.

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