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709-100 is Today!

Today is the day!! The 709Sessions Episode100 celebration kicks off on Digitally Imported Progressive at 12pm EST!! Here are the links and info you need:




And, I’d like to give a big thanks for all the support for this show! Thanks to all the DJs that contributed sets, Robyn for her voice-over work, Digitally Imported for hosting it, La Santanera for hosting the live event later tonight, and most of all my wife Sarah for being there for this entire ride – from staying to the bitter end at gigs I’ve played, to pushing me to keep the show going month after month.

It’s been an amazing and adventurous ride over the past eight and a half years doing the show every month, and it never ceases to amaze me how something like this continues to reach people around the world.

Almost every show has had it’s own unique story – whether it be getting a simple message from a listener, a random phone call from Russia in the middle of the night, connections with other djs / producers, great gig opportunities in various places like Phoenix, AZ, or even getting to meet and stay with a long time listener of the show at her bed and breakfast in a place like Rome, Italy.

It’s these interactions and connections that really are the motivation to keep doing the show each month, and have taught me a lot along the way. 709Sessions is not about me, or who I am as a DJ. My role here is to simply curate a mix of tracks that have been created by some very hard-working and talented producers from around the world, as best I can, and share it with those who love the same type of music each month.

Thank you to everyone, and with that, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the journey that is today.

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