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A New Site Is Born

After weeks of planning, working out kinks and finally getting things live, the new mobile-friendly WesStraub.com is now live. As per anything on the web, there’s always a few ongoing things to take care of and clean up, as well as a boat load of content to keep adding.

Over the coming weeks I hope to add many of my older mixes from all the years of my 709Sessions Radio show, as well as the special mixes I’ve made in the past that dive into other genres such as trance. It’s a lot of work, but when complete there will be over 100 hours of music for download!

Also in the Mixes and Tracks section, I’ll be posting tracks that I’ve kept all to myself. Unreleased originals and remixes, as well as parts and stems from various projects I’ve been working on. Download as much as you like and put them to good use!

Thanks again for all the ongoing support. Over the coming months I hope to make this site a great resource for the music you have all been so passionate about!

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