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Back to the Burn

Just a couple of hours before I start the long journey to Burning Man, this being Sarah and I’s fifth time going together.

Burning Man always comes with mixed emotions. The last burn started off horrendously with me breaking my collarbone the day before (and needing surgery to fix it). Combined with delayed flights and an unusually long line-up to get in, it was not looking good, so much so that my phrase going in was “this will be the last time.”

But many thing over the course of that week turned the experience into a very positive one. So many new friends from around the world were made, an amazing new DJ was discovered in Oona Dahl, and I played three really great DJ sets, one being on Carl Cox’s Playground Stage.

So here I am, going back again. Maybe this will be the last time? Maybe not. The experience definitely has changed over the years. Gone are the secretive and random elements of it, where simple discovery was the law of the land. With every camp and group posting DJ line-ups and parties weeks in advance now, it’s taken on more of that big festival feeling. And, the opportunities to play the bigger stages are now disappearing as many of the music scenes big names are starting to put Burning Man on their gig list.

However, what’s also changed is the main reason we now go. Having a central meet-up spot for so many close friends coming from all around the world is such magical thing to be a part of. I wish all people could experience this kind of community.

One more time… for this year anyway.

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