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Two New Remixes Coming Soon…

A quick update for now. Two new remixes that I’ve just completed will be coming out in the next few months. The first one is for the Transpecta label. These guys have sent a few tracks to choose from over the past couple of years, and when their latest one titled “Diamond” from none other […]

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10 Years of 709Sessions and more…

10 Years? Yes, you’ve read that correctly. After 120 monthly episodes (never missing one!) my 709Sessions radio show has now reached the 10 year mark. It hasn’t been easy getting there and there have been many times that I’ve been tempted to pull the plug, but thanks to the many of you out there who […]

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New Tracks Coming

Some good news from the production front… I’ll be having a few new goodies coming out in the next while on my good friends’ Amber Long and Robert Mason’s “Modern Agenda” label. First up is a remix of Blusoul’s “The Sequence” that should be out at the end of the summer. After that will be […]

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Ben Rama – Intuition (Wes Straub Remix) Out Now!

My remix of Ben Rama’s “Intuition” on Hypnotic Instincts is out now! Ben has been an a friend of mine in the Canadian music scene for a long time, originally as a part of Area709 and remixed my “The Ride” track years ago for Jetlag Digital, so when he came asking for a remix, I […]

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Music Production

Alright producers, since it’s another Work Hard Wednesday, what’s your process for creating a track, and is it always the same? To get the conversation started, here’s my general working flow: Quickly and roughly create a 16 bar loop with various percussion, bass and synth sounds. When it’s sounding like it’s an actual idea I […]

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