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709.150 – The Final Episode

And So, The End Has Come At some point in time, inevitably, all things must come to an end. For my 709Sessions monthly radio show, after twelve and a half years and 150 episodes, now is that time. It’s been a great ride over that time, starting with the first episode on a little online […]

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Episode 150 – 3 Months to Go

The last episode of 709Sessions is only 3 months away! I’ll be putting together a three hour mix of some of the best tracks from the past 12.5 years of doing the show and featuring it on all stations that 709Sessions is currently on. More details soon, stay tuned.

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Dharma Event / Keyways Remix

Put on by Nomade Productions, this past weekend was the Dharma party in Isla Mujeres, Mexico featuring Darin Epsilon and D-Formation, as well as Mexico locals House Definition and Nicolas Mar, and of course myself. From the spectacular location on the beach, to the well-organized set up that included pristine Void sound, a perfectly lit […]

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Reuniting in Canada, Again

It’s been over a year since I’ve last put my feet on my home soil in Calgary, Canada, and I’m blessed to have another opportunity to play at the club which I will forever know as my true musical home, Habitat, especially on Canada Day Long Weekend. Joining me will be long time friends and […]

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150 – The Last Episode…

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. I’ve come to the decision that Episode 150 of my radio show, in just over a year from now, will be my last monthly radio show. After twelve and a half years, and a lot of internal debate, I have decided that it is time. Why now? A combination of […]

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Joining the Slideways Music Team

I’m very proud to announce I’m joining Tim Penner’s “Slideways Music” label, taking care of rebranding the label and all release artwork. Tim has put a ton of work into building his label and together with a few other additions to the team, we hope to take it much further in 2019. And of course, […]

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Back to the Burn

Just a couple of hours before I start the long journey to Burning Man, this being Sarah and I’s fifth time going together. Burning Man always comes with mixed emotions. The last burn started off horrendously with me breaking my collarbone the day before (and needing surgery to fix it). Combined with delayed flights and […]

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RPO – Diamond (Wes Straub Remix) OUT NOW

Available worldwide at Beatport.com now! Super grateful for being part of this release on Transpecta with GMJ and RPO himself! Click here to purchase. …and look for another remix coming out in the next couple of weeks on Modern Agenda…

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Remixes… coming July 31 and August 13th

Rick Pier O’Neil – Diamond (Wes Straub Remix)   James Gill – Out of Sight (Wes Straub Remix)

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Back to Burning Man

With tickets now acquired, the journey back to Burning Man has started. Not too sure what to expect this year as to be honest, without having getting a ticket in the initial sale, I didn’t put a lot of thought into it at all. But now it’s all systems go. I’m looking forward to playing […]

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