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Companions E.P. Out Now!

I am proud to announce the release of my new four track E.P. titled “Companions”, out now on Modern Agenda, which has received support already from Eelke Kleijn, Chris Fortier, Ziger, Ian Dillon, Mike Griego, Nichols(UK) and many more! All tracks are now available on both Spotify and Beatport using the links below.

About “Companions”

This release was the result of  a single promise to Modern Agenda founder Amber Long, to get to work, and write an E.P. of original music by the end of 2020. Finding the time and motivation to write good quality tracks has been a challenge for me in the past few years, so by having this goal firmly put in place, both with Amber and on my whiteboard, allowed me to focus clearly on bringing this project to life.

And, as they have been the closest to me over the years and especially this year, the release is dedicated to both Sarah, and our cats (past and present) that have brought so much love and happiness to my life.

Track 1: Remembering Roo feat. ZenLily

An ode to our first cat “Roo” who passed away a few years ago, whose unique personality and spirit still carries on with us, this track starts things off with a serious, yet uplifting vibe, and features the wonderful vocal and spoken word work of the amazingly talented ZenLily, who I had the pleasure of meeting virtually a couple of years ago, and who now has an upcoming release of her own on Modern Agenda.

Spotify  |  Beatport

– – – – –

Track 2: Her Name Is Nina

The second track is all about bringing out bright smiles and fuzzy warmth, which is exactly what our cat Nina gives to us each day with her little squeaky meow and bouncy walk, even in her super senior years. I had the opportunity to test this one a month ago at my favorite regular gig at Maui Suites here in Playa del Carmen, and it received all the bright smiles I could ever have imagined.

Spotify  |  Beatport

– – – – –

Track 3: Benito Tuxedo

The third track is dedicated to our newest addition to our feline family, Benito. We had the pleasure of fostering and raising him since only a few days after his birth, and now, a year and a bit later, he’s a big bounding ball of energy. I’ve tried my best to build in some of this bouncy warmth into the track, and really give it a bright sunshine / day time fun type of feeling.

Spotify  |  Beatport

– – – – –

Track 4: A Song For Sarah

The final track of the E.P., and one that was actually written in 2019, this one is on the heavy, stomping side, touching some of the styles of music my wife Sarah has taken a liking to over the past few years. She’s been the most important person in my life since meeting her 22 years ago, so it’s only fitting that the release ends with a big track that has her name all over it.

Spotify  |  Beatport

– – – – –

Thank You

A big thanks to Amber Long and the whole team at Modern Agenda for supporting my music,  to Robert Mason for his mastering wizardry, to ZenLily for the opportunity to collaborate with her on “Remembering Roo”, and of course to my wife Sarah and our feline family for being the inspiration behind this release.  And my deepest thanks to all of you for continuing to support my music – whether it’s through purchasing my tracks and remixes, downloading / enjoying my mixes, or for showing up at the events I have been booked to DJ at.

I am grateful for all of it, thank you.

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