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Darin Epsilon Show / Upcoming Remixes

Checking in for August with some news from Playa, and starting off with the announcement of Darin Epsilon’s return to Habitat in Calgary which also marks the one year anniversary since Sarah and I moved away from Calgary, Canada to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It’s hard to believe it was already September of last year when I had the honor of bringing in Darin to play our going away event at Habitat, and it’s awesome that it’s worked out to have him back again at Habitat, with me back in Calgary for a few days to join him!

October 23rd is the date, and along with myself the talented Chad Hardcastle and Joey Grochmal will be opening things up for Darin, who is on a high having just played one of the world’s most legendary clubs in the UK, Ministry of Sound.

As far as other gigs go here, a few regular ones are on the horizon and others are being worked on, including another day on the rooftop at Be Playa, as well as a possible joint set at La Santanera with Jeff Gold – whom I had a ton of fun playing with this past July in that amazing sounding room.

In the studio, always lots happening. My remix of “Crystallized” for mentor and friend Rick Pier O’Neil’s on Clinique Records as well as my remix of Michael & Levan and Steven Rivic’s “Painkiller” on Kunai Records will be out soon. Links to be posted in the next few days.

In the works is another remix for my new good friend down here Elliott Duquai, working on my interpretation of his “Mosquito Bay” track to be released on Suffused Music, as well as a few new original ideas that I’ll be working on as the weeks go by, possibly with one of the new amazing vocalists who’s been heard in tracks on my radio show lately.

That’s the news for this month, now back to work while we cautiously watch the progress of Tropical Storm Danny making it’s way westward across the Atlantic – thus the realities of living in the Caribbean!

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