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709-100 Recap, New Remixes and more…

It’s hard to believe it’s already been over a week since the 709Sessions Episode 100 celebration, which featured a 12 hour radio show on Digitally Imported and a club event at La Santanera in Playa del Carmen Mexico… in the same day.

Overall, things went really really well. All mixes for the radio show have received great feedback in the following few days, with many of them still in rotation on Digitally Imported. The club event was packed from start to finish, and more than a few people got an upfront taste of proper progressive music. It was an honour to be a part of great line-ups for both events, in the company of talented individuals that I’m lucky to consider friends.

So what’s up next? A few new opportunities are slowly revealing themselves in Playa del Carmen. Nothing is confirmed yet, but info will be posted the second I have it. On the radio show front the 101th episode airs this month, featuring a bunch of great tracks that found their way into the club at the 709-100 event.

New Remixes

On the production side of things, my remix of Elliott Duquai and No One’s “Mosquito Bay”, along with a stellar original and big-time remixes from Rick Pier O’Neil and Killian, is now available for purchase on Beatport on Suffused Music.

Following that in the next few months will be a couple of special remixes for JOOF Recordings, a label that I’m always excited to be on. The first remix is for the man himself, John 00 Fleming, putting my spin on his new trance ripper “T3”. John has always been a powerhouse in the underground music scene, and I had the honour of meeting him in person a couple of years ago, so to be able to take a crack at one of his productions was a challenge not to be looked away from. Look for that one to come out in the spring.

Following ‘T3’, my second remix for JOOF is new take on the first track I released on JOOF, “Sunrise Over Xaman-Ha” which features the uplifting vocal sounds of Andrea Wettstein, to be featured on the JOOF 18 Year Anniversary Compilation which also comes out in the spring. This one was a super fun project to work on. Already five years old, the original track was made at a time when I was really into the harder, more underground sounds, so to be able to take the parts of that same track and give it a slower, more beachy vibe – which is where my tastes have evolved to now – was an interesting and worthwhile exercise.

Release dates for both remixes have not been set yet, but if you caught my whole two hour set from 709-100, you may have notice a few of those familiar ‘aaayyyys’ and ‘ooohhs’ coming in near the conclusion of the mix!

Thank You

As I wrap up this post, I just want to give a big thanks to everyone out there once again who’s supported me and everything I’ve taken on as a DJ / Producer over the past decade and a half. The support for the radio show and the events I’ve played at has been nothing short of amazing. My passion is music, and I’m the luckiest person on Earth when I get to share it. Thank you.


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