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Music Production

Alright producers, since it’s another Work Hard Wednesday, what’s your process for creating a track, and is it always the same? To get the conversation started, here’s my general working flow:

  1. Quickly and roughly create a 16 bar loop with various percussion, bass and synth sounds.
  2. When it’s sounding like it’s an actual idea I start sketching out the arrangement for the whole track.
  3. Refine, add sounds, remove sounds, tweak sounds and work away until a solid arrangement is there.
  4. Do a halfway point mix to sort out level issues.
  5. Refine more, experiment more and build fills, crashes and effects.
  6. When it’s all sounding good together, bounce down all the stems to audio files.
  7. Import them into a new project, tweak and polish each track with various things like compression, modulation, and stereo spreading.
  8. Mix, mix, and mix.
  9. Bounce out the final pre-master and send off for final mastering.It can be a long process, especially if you get stuck on any steps, but I find it to be pretty enjoyable work-flow where you can go back to previous steps at any time.

So the question is, what’s your work-flow??

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