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New Tracks Coming

Some good news from the production front…

I’ll be having a few new goodies coming out in the next while on my good friends’ Amber Long and Robert Mason’s “Modern Agenda” label. First up is a remix of Blusoul’s “The Sequence” that should be out at the end of the summer. After that will be a an EP that features two of my own tracks that have been in the works for a long time. The first is “The Roof”, a bouncy track that went through many iterations and finally hit the finish line, and the second is “A Long Year”, a dark and heavy number that reflects on some of the struggles I had writing music in 2016.

Also in the queue are two new tracks I’m working on exclusively for JOOF Recordings (after making a promise to head honcho John himself). The first track, called “Turbulence” — which I wrote most of while on an airplane — should be finished right away, and the second one for the release which shall be named later, is coming right along as well.

The motivation, time and creativity for writing music comes in waves, and right now I’m thankful to be riding a nice one. More news soon!

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