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The New Year Opens with Sadness

Usually the new year brings a new sense of energy and anticipation, and initially it did. However as many of you know, there was a tragic incident on the final night of the BPM festival this year, a 10 day festival that is extremely close to my heart having been a resident of Playa del Carmen for just over two years now.

As fate would have it, Sarah and I were not there as we had decided many days ago that the second last night of BPM would be our last. However, many of our dear friends who had travelled here from around the world decided to attend the Elrow closing party at Blue Parrot that night, and were subsequently within mere feet of where cross-fire had ensued. They all managed to escape safely and without injury, however the mental wounds they had to endure will be with them for a long time to come.

For myself, my emotions are extremely missed. On one hand, I feel extremely lucky that neither Sarah or I were there and that none of our friends were hurt. On the other hand, I feel a deep sadness for the innocent people who were lost that night, including Kirk Wilson, who although I didn’t know him personal, I had come to know him as one of the nicest, most helpful door security people out there, who had been working BPM ever since we started attending four years ago.

Words cannot express such a tragic loss. Innocent life, gone so quickly by the cold hands of criminals.

For Playa del Carmen, the city which Sarah and I have grown to love, the uncertainty sets in as rumoured wars between drug cartels swirl around. What will happen next? Where? And to whom? This incident, along with the violence that ensued in Cancun two days later has left us and many others shaken.

We hope that nothing further will come of these incidents, and that peace and love outlast crime and violence. We, along with many others, feel safe living here and our resolve to continue living our lives together as we had originally dreamed of is stronger than ever.

I would like to thank all of you that reached out to check-in with us while this incident was happening. Your love and support is appreciated more than you know.

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