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Opening for Sasha / Remix for Kunai Recordings

Opening for Sasha.

It’s been an amazing June so far! Last week while up visiting in Canada, I was confirmed to be on the line-up for the Sasha show on June 25th at Blue Parrot in Playa del Carmen, what an event to fly back home to Playa for!!

Sasha has always been one of my true idols when it comes to electronic music, going all the way back to when I was putting money down on my first of many records. His music has always defined what progressive should truly be – moody, melodic, introspective and evolving. His set at BPM this past year was a definite highlight for me and it’ll be great to see what he brings to a night-time set this time around!

It’s also an honour to share the warm-up slot with Rick Pier O’Neil, a progressive legend in his own right. Also a¬†resident of Playa del Carmen, Rick has become a friend and mentor to me and I’ve had the privilege of working on a couple of projects with him already. I’ve never seen him play live before, but considering his incredible run of production work, I’m sure every track played will have his sound all over it.

Remix for Kunai Recordings.

Also on the docket is a remix for Michael & Levan¬†and Stevin Rivic. I’ve always enjoyed their releases so it’s awesome to be able to churn out my take on their latest work. As well, a couple of heavyweights in Andre Sobota and Solid Stone will be doing remixes as well, so a fantastic release to be included on! Look for more news on that project soon.

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