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Reunion at Habitat (Calgary, CA) March 2nd!

This date has been on the radar for quite some time, as it’s an absolute honour to be welcomed back with open arms into the legendary Habitat nightclub in Calgary, Canada – a place that conjures up so many memories – whether actually DJ’ing there, attending great DJ shows or just being there on a Friday night.

On March 2nd, there will only be two of us – myself and another true legend (and evil twin brother), Will Devlin. We’ll be getting on shortly after 11pm and going back to back until close.

It’s not that often that the boys at the club let one of these nights happen, so it’s definitely going to be one for the ages. I’m excited to see all the friends and music family once again, all of whom I miss dearly after moving away from Calgary, and really excited to play all of the great music that’s been coming out lately for a very in-tune crowd.

Less than three weeks away!

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