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Reuniting in Canada, Again

It’s been over a year since I’ve last put my feet on my home soil in Calgary, Canada, and I’m blessed to have another opportunity to play at the club which I will forever know as my true musical home, Habitat, especially on Canada Day Long Weekend. Joining me will be long time friends and musical warriors Will Devlin and Rob Curtis, as well as Mark Williams to open things up. These nights back home have become really special, as so many familiar faces – that are missed dearly – find their way out.

Along with that special gig, my monthly residency at Be Roof here in Playa del Carmen continues, with two nice gigs every month, as well as my new bi-monthly residency at the Maui Suites rooftop, which has been nothing short of insane both times I’ve played so far, with packed dance-floors and an amazing vibe from everyone who comes. It’s been awesome so far!

On the production side, well, still nothing to really report. Months have passed between getting serious about diving into new musical ideas. Craziness in life and work will tend to do that. Hopefully soon… hopefully soon…

And lastly, 709Sessions is heading into its last summer, heading towards the final episode, #150. 9 more months to go, but the end will come fast. It’s a decision I’ve been debating for awhile now, but it truly is time. It doesn’t mean a new mix of fresh tunes won’t come out every so often however.

Thanks again to all of you who continue to support me by listening and downloading the music, joining the mailing list, and coming out to gigs. I know the years are starting to add up, but the ongoing support keeps things going. Thank you.

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