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The Roof E.P. Coming Soon on Modern Agenda

It’s official, my three track E.P. titled “The Roof” is set to release on December 4th, on my good friends Amber Long and Robert Mason’s outstanding label, Modern Agenda. I’m thrilled and thankful to finally see this release happen, as I have struggled a ton with my music production work over the past year. It’s been a challenge at times to really dig in and get creative, but I think there are some break-throughs to be heard in these three tracks.

The title track “The Roof”, is a bouncy progressive house number all based on the vibe of the little rooftop I call home here in Playa del Carmen when it comes to DJ’ing, Be Roof at the Be Playa hotel. The second track, titled “A Long Year” delves into the darker side of things and really speaks to the struggles I’ve had in the studio. The final track, “Days of Kindness” started off as a big trance number originally destined for JOOF recordings, but after some more challenges there and a rework of the alternate version, I think I have something that will stick with this one.

Thanks again to Amber and Rob for supporting my music. It’s great to have a label pick up your stuff, but it’s even better when it’s run by people who you are personally connected with that you know will do everything in their power to make sure it is a success.

Check in on December 4th for links to purchase!

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