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The Roof E.P. is Out Now!

My new “The Roof” E.P. on my good friend Amber Long’s Modern Agenda label is now available at Beatport. A big thanks in advance to everyone who supports the release and has supported my music all along, and to Amber and Robert for actually making it happen.

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Wes Straub - The Roof EP

The three track E.P. features the title track “The Roof”, “A Long Year” and “Days of Kindness”. Here is a few insights into the making of each track…

Track 1: The Roof

The first track attempts to capture the vibe of the Be Roof rooftop bar I regularly DJ at here in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, with its relaxed pool-side vibe and beautiful sunsets. Originally started as a vocal track with a different title, this progressive house number has morphed into the track it is today over the course of the past year.

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Track 2: A Long Year

The second track on the release with its deep tech sounds gets a little dark and nasty, reflecting on a period of time in the studio that was a struggle creatively. It took a long time to really get the right feeling and energy into the final piece, but I think I finally got it.

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Track 3: Days of Kindness

The final track on the E.P. is a warmer, deep trance take featuring a soft spoken sample by the legendary Canadian poet and singer, Leonard Cohen. Originally constructed as a progressive trance track with the hopes of signing onto a label I’ve had other releases on, it unfortunately was rejected and thus was sent back to the drawing board, where I toned a few things down and added more depth and mood. It’s secretly my favourite out of the three tracks so I hope you all like it!

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