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Summer Update

My few randomly-timed blog posts have been short and sweet lately so it’s time to step up and write a good one. Summer has been absolutely mad. First with a two week trip back home to Canada for Sarah’s 40th birthday celebrations (yes, with an ’s’!), visiting family and friends, and more. Then it was a week in the US for work, and now here we are, where at this time next week, we’ll be headed down the lonely desert rode to Burning Man…

Be Playa and Blue Parrot

Since the spring, I’ve been lucky to work with a fantastic team on the roof at the Be Playa hotel in Playa del Carmen, lead by Dario Arias (Chino!). Not only have the regular Sundays come a long way since moving here almost two years ago, but we’re now doing some pretty incredible special events.

So far we’ve pulled of three – Cid Inc., Darin Epsilon and Quivver. Now the reality here is that because we’re on a roof, with no roof over top, weather comes into play. The Cid Inc. show could not have been better – hot sun, great crowd of people and a perfect vibe that Henri (Cid Inc.) rocked. The show with Darin, it was a little iffy, but we still made it happen. The Quivver show however, not a chance in hell we’d be doing that on the roof in the midst of a monsoon-like rainfall!

But if there’s one thing I love about Playa del Carmen, it still very much feels like a small town, where different people and groups can come together when needed, and this event was a prime example. Within an hour, we moved the event to a small bar a few blocks away, La Fe, and despite the weather, packed it with a great dance-floor for John (Quivver). The situation wasn’t ideal, but we still made it happen. …for our next big event in November, with Amber Long, the sun better be there shining in all it’s blazing glory!!

Apart from those events lately, I was invited to play a three hour opening set for the Blue Pirates showcase event at Blue Parrot. With the rest of the line-up being all psytrance, this was a great opportunity to dig into some of my harder, darker tracks and really go for ride – from 123 bpm progressive to 133 bpm prog psy! It was tons of fun, as it always is at Blue Parrot. I’ll hopefully be back there soon!

The Return to Burning Man

Since moving to Mexico, never would I have thought that Sarah and I would be headed to the other ‘playa’ we’re fond of, that of Black Rock City in the middle of the Nevada desert, where Burning Man is held each year. It only seems like yesterday that our friend Millie sent the special invite, and now here we are – tickets in hand, bags starting to be packed, lists made, and travel arranged.

I’m certain that this Burning Man experience will be much different from the previous three we’ve enjoyed. We’re arriving early to help build camp, we’re sleeping as groups in tipis, our camp is in the midst of sound camp madness, and we’re going with a group of people from all over the world, including our new friend Alberto, who’s traveling from Dubai. And then of course Aleks, our eccentric Canadian friend who has come through helping out time and time again to make this all happen.

At Burning Man, I’ve been honoured with the task of headlining our Tipi Tuesday party, playing 1-3am, then on the Friday, I’ll be on the pristine Funktion One system of the Octopus Garden / Hyperbole camp, playing 9-10:30pm. There were a couple of other gigs in the works that unfortunately fell through, however playing every day at Burning Man would actually take away from experiencing all of the rest of it, so this is a nice balance of everything.

…And Beyond

After all the craziness of summer, I’m really looking forward to settling into the fall months where I might have the time to write more music again. My remix of Gordey Tsukanov’s “Unreality” has received really good reviews from some of the top names in the progressive and trance genres, and I plan on continuing in that driving deep trance vein with my production work with the goal of putting out a three track EP by year’s end (I’ve been blessed with a little motivation from one of those top names to make that happen!).

On the gig front, as always, being a part of good small parties here in Playa is always rewarding. And with the pre-BPM madness already starting to trickle into September already, who knows what opportunities will pop up there, fingers crossed.

And lastly, on the radio show front, 709Sessions is still going strong every month! Look for my Burning Man influenced show to hit the airwaves in September!

As always, thanks for all the support of everything I’m doing and have tried to do with this amazing music and the scene that goes with it. See you on the dance floor soon.

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